Monday, December 19, 2005

Review: StrawBerry Fields, Bangalore

The finals @ StrawBerry Fields, Bangalore:
  • Inviktus, Bangalore
  • Demonic Resurrection, Mumbai
  • Panatella, Chennai
  • Junkyard Groove, Chennai
  • Morrison Avenue, Chennai
These were the 5 bands who made their way into the finals of StrawBerry Fields yesterday. The evening started off with some good music & original compositions from Junkyard Groove & Panatella. The Bassist from Panatella was really rocking. After them, Demonic Resurrection, Morrison Avenue & Inviktus played only Thrash music [for those who wish to classify them under genre Heavy Metal could do so]. Even though Demonic Resurrection & Inviktus had some Guitar Riffs, they didn't stand upto the performace of the Lead Guitarist of Pantella who played some good covers of Jimmy Hendrix & The Beatles.

After the finals, the Mumbai Heavy Metal band Pin Drop Violence played some more Heavy stuff. I first heard about them on Channel [V] LaunchPad, which happened to be the first ever reality TV rock band competition in India. They also happen to win that competition. Even though I was listening to their compositions for the very first time & they sound very much like Sepulutra.

Finally, the results for were announced, Junkyard Groove won the NLS Strawberry Fields competition while Demonic Resurrection took the second place.

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