Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Parikrama: SuperHero

Indian Rock Band Parikrama will be performing this weekend in Bangalore @ two different places. First they will be jamming with YELL-O @ Opus on 8th Dec & on 9th they would be presenting their track called "SuperHero" for all the programmers & the Chairman and Chief Architect of Microsoft Bill Gates, yes u read it correctly MICROSOFT.

This is the first time an Indian Rock Band has the composed song for one of the world's biggest software vendor, something that would make me say "Hello world...India's Rocking !!!".

The song is called "SuperHero" which revolves around the day-2-day life of an Indian IT Developer. You can download the song here & lyrics can be got here. You can also visit the officical website of Parikrama to know more about the band & listen to their songs here.

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