Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Terror Strikes Bangalore

The Terrorist(s) have struck Silicony Valley of East a.k.a Bangalore. Around 18:45 local time they struck @ Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore which is one of the Premier Science & Technological Institues.

According to the accounts given by the security guards posted @ IISc, "Some unidentified people drove a white Ambassador car into the premises of the JN Tata auditorium in the IISc campus and started firing with AK-47 rifles". As of now the attack has claimed one life, that of Prof Puri who is from IIT-Delhi and other four of them seriously injuired, who are currently being treated. I feel sorry for the death of Prof Puri & other delegates who are injuired in this attack. All these harmless people were attending an international conference at the auditorium, what crime have they done?

What makes me really furious is despite the alert from Delhi Police two days back, how could there be such a serious lapse in the security. Everyone in the country knew about the threat posed to the IT companies located in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

In the recent past, the Indian Economy has been one of the Vibrant Economies in the World and our Neighbhour (I guess you know whom i am refering to, incase u never figured it out, let me give u a clue:they exists towards the North-West of India; If u still couldn't figure it out then use a GoogleMap) can't stand that. I feel behind this incident & the Delhi Blasts their main motive is to create panic among the investors who are bringing in the FDI [Forgien Direct Investment]. It's a known fact that Bangalore gets a major stake of those investments; Not to forget the fact that many Heads of the State visit Bangalore first before visiting Delhi. Now you know why Banaglore is on the Radars of the Terrorits, because it gets a lot attention & investments. This is a very well planned motive by all the Terrorist Organizations and those who are directly or indirectly supporting them, to disrupt the Indian Economy & prevent us from growing.

If I can connect so many dots, what on Earth are our Politicans doing about it, despite the good job done by our Intelligence & Police Agencies? I am so pissed with our Politicans these days, I have few KIND words for them.

I have completely lost hope with the politicians [from all the parties, ruling, oppostion & including some 1 man parties] ruling this State & the Country, instead of focussing on their respective duties like providing good governance, safe guarding businesses, creating good infrastructre, protecting the citizens,etc; All their concerns revolve around their political future & bickerings. It shameful to say this being an Indian, we have the most eduated & qualified persons occuping the position of the President & the Prime Minister, unfortunately they never have the free-hand in taking any hard actions against our Neighbhour who are supporting such Terror Attacks against India.

I guess untill we loose some of the politicians themselves in any of the Terror attacks, these bunch of MoFos will never care about the lives of common man. Its only during the elections these F*****g B@$t@rD$ come out and beg for votes. Once they are elected, they don't care about governance nor do they give a ear to the problems nor do they listen to what people like Narayan Murthy have to say, all they do is criticise him so badly that he resigns. Atleast now I hope these Morons [politicians] have learn't their lessons the hard way & try to act better the next time.

For all those who are testing our Patience through such cowardly acts, i have few words for u too. We are a peace loving nation & we have given peace a lot many chances, but sometimes our peace & silence is taken for granted. We don't wage proxy wars against anyone, in case we wage a WAR we shall teach such a lesson that you would never remain on this planet.

P.S:I am Xtremely sorry for the language used in this post, these thoughts have been inside me for a long time, i had to get them out of my system.


Adrenjunky said...

It's high time India decides to take some proactive measures to tackle the menace of terrorism until that happens we have no hope. Good job buddy i'm sure you are feeling much better after this post.

Vivek Kondur said...

Thanks! I am definitely feeling better after writing the post;)

Vivek Jaiswal said...

Hi Vivek,
Indeed a very good article. I didnt you had such a good writting skills.
I totally agree with ur thought. I just wonder what will happen to Bangalore, Our Bangalore.

naveen said...

the limelight this city has been hoggin over the past decade is now its major enemy i think...the increasing number "immigrants" in to the city are spoiling it to the core...thanks to them cost of living has increased exponentially. real estate prices have shot up through the sky. I hope these unhappy devleopments come as blessing in dusguise and save our city from becoming another mumbai. we have enuff infrastructure to support the locals here and we dont want any more immigrants.
waht has happened has happened, we have to make sure this should not repeat. But of course if a terrorist is bent upon doing such things we cannot stop him..thats a harsh truth...but atleast we can minimize these incidents to some extent....thank god casualty was less...just imagine a bomb exploding there, it could have been even worse.

Vivek Kondur said...

Vivek, thanks for dropping by. I guess the people who rule the State has to take more responsibility and govern better.

Vivek Kondur said...

Naveen, you are one of those who don't like people coming from other cities and settling here.

I feel u need to change u'r mindset towards the immigrants, I agree that to certain extent they r the cause for the steep real estate prices. We need accept them, as the city has opened itself for the current economy you would find a lot of people coming from different parts of the country. I guess thats there with every major City across the world.

Mumbai for instance has the maximum number of immigrants & it still thrives forward. We shouldn't be blaming the immigrants for the infrastructre mess, that has to be dealt by those who rule our State, rather than just taking credit for the previous government's work. I would like to quote Mr. Narayan Murthy,"There is no point in blaming the IT industry for the city's woes. It's their(Government) responsibility in fact to plan the city better because they have sought power, they have sought seats". It high time these clowns learn their trade and start functioning.

Hope this kind of a incident doesn't repeat itself in any part of the country. In case it does, then i feel Center has to take some tough decisions.

Santosh said...

Hey Vivek,
Do you think these fuckin politicians have shame??.... They are the people who have left NMM.... I hope you know what I mean when I say that in kannada..... There is no point in talking about these MF's..... They have not done anything for infrastructure, when so many wise minds had poured their woes over it. Do you think they care for all these things???..... All they are fuckin interested is in making money until their lives end in misery... These political bastards need to get killed before they realize things. I think leaving jehadis behind unscrupulous politicians is the best way to keep them out of power.

Vivek Kondur said...

Santhosh, i guess we need to teach them a lesson during the next elections. We should be encourage all the younger generation to go & vote for the right kind of person, atleast then there could be some kind of change in the eco-system of politics.

We need people who can voice their opinions loud & clear.

Santosh said...

Yes Vivek,
I was thinking of the same. Why not we start a blog on this, we two, and start circulating the same ????

small squirrel said...

very good post vivek. I think you raise some good points. it is hard when the politicians have thier own agendas, and you see very clearly how it starts to effect you.

terrorism is on the rise in eary nation. a very sad fact indeed. I am sorry it has struck so close to home for you.

I still do not understand the point of naveen about immigrants. diversity never spoils a thing. not to mention that the infrastructure in bangalore can't handle a thing. it's woeful. but I will ignore his comments and move to bangalore anyway :)

Vivek Kondur said...

Thanks! Squirrel. Points have been raised by many of them, but our voices are don't have much impact on anyone, but now its getting on everyone's nerves.

Your are most welcome to settle down in Bangalore.

MLK said...

What can be done to change a nation? Perhaps visiting Gandhi's legacy is in order.

What if all of the technologists in Bangalore, the "silicon valley of the east" went on 'strike'.

The strike should not be against their employers or against the government. The purpose of the strike would be in favor of government, but one that acted in the interests of its people. One that could create good roads, an improved-safe-clean public transport system, uninterrupted electricity supply, clean air & water, and a government that would not tolerate corruption.

If all of Bangalore's technologists pursued an organized course of action - non-violent, civil disobedience. If all of Bangalore technologists rose up in one unified action to protest, surely the effect would be felt worldwide. At a minimum, there would be a profound effect on India's economy and on world economies that rely on Bangalore for outsourcing. I am sure CNN, BBC, Fox News and others would be intersted in covering such a story.

Is it too much to ask for clean air, good roads and electricity? Is it too much to ask for our government to take appropriate and necessary measures to safeguard its residents from terrorism? I think not. It is time to act.