Wednesday, February 16, 2005

'Sultans of Swing' - Mark Knopfler is coming down

Get ready for this, another music legend Mark Knopfler is gonna rock Bangalore on the 7th of March. I guess this year we are gonna have more Rock concerts than ever before.


StaticCompost said...

The epidemy of Americna Ignorance: Its worth a laugh

A get a kick out of what Spartan says

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey dude,

Great reply to Spartan. That guy is really ignorant of things and also
he is one of those Americans who feels to proud of being an American
and also dreams of things which are not gonna happen.

I guess you being an American shouldn't be voicing so much against
your nation. It's good to speak your mind out. But US of A is such a
country that they suspect their own people sometimes when u speak
against the nation. Even though its a democratic nation somtimes the
leadership behaves like a monarchy.

My advice to you would be cutting down your tone of speaking so openly
against US of A on open forums. I hope you ar getting what i am
saying. Is Spartan your High-school mate or just a blog friend?

So what else is happening dude?