Saturday, February 05, 2005

Stung by Sting

I am still Stung by Sting's concert from yesterday night. It was truly an amazing performance by String starting with "Brand New day". It wasn't really long though, it just lasted for an hour and 50 minutes. But he still kept the audience entertained with all his hits "Roxanne", "Don't stand so close to me", "Message in a bottle", "Every little thing she does is Magic", "Can't stand losing you", "Every breath your take", "When we Dance", "Fragile", "Desert Rose", "English Man in New York", "Fields of Gold", "Thousand Years", "If you Love somebody set them free", "If i ever lose my faith in you" not necessarily in this order:) and these are the songs i remember. It was really a memorable evening which i guess will stay for a while now. I thank Deepak for this one, because he took me for this concert. Here are few of the snaps i captured from my mobile...

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