Thursday, December 02, 2004

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS Day - the day to spread awareness about AIDS. Even though there is so much of research going on that, still we haven't able to discover or come up with soultion for this contageous disease. The statistics show that there is a steep increase in number of people in the World are suffering from HIV/AIDS. The present stats is around estimated 39Million people and out of that 37.2Million are adults, source UNAIDS. On the news yesterday i saw the headline like India will not be having enough medicines to combat this disease. All we can do from our side is to make people aware of the disease and the way its transmitted, so that we cannot control the numbers from increasing.

This image was on circulation y'day, i thought it makes much sense. For those who cannot choose one forever atleast use some contraceptive, so that it's safer for you as well as the other. Let's make this world a better place to live.


small squirrel said...

Yeah, see, here's the thing...India DOES have enough medicine to treat people, as it is one of the leading manufacuturers of retro-viral medicines. But they choose to export nearly all of it. There are other reasons why people aren't being treated there, too... obviously.
I read some staggering number yesterday, however...that only something like 15,000 infected people in India are on a standard regimen of these drugs. If India stands by and does nothing, the country will soon have rates that equal or exceed Africa.
AIDS education is paramount. As I have said on my blog, if I could choose a new career path, I would be living in some village somewhere trying to combat this unbelieveable devistating disease. Who knows... maybe one day I can make it happen!
Good post, Vivek.

Vivek Kondur said...

I get you what you were saying. I am sure even if government wants to take the initatives here it won't actually reach the people. That's because of corruption in the system.

small squirrel said...

largest democracy in the world = biggest bureaucracy

It's that simple... a good bit of money has been given to fight HIV/AIDS in India and it's still trapped somewhere in the depths of the Indian governmental machine.