Saturday, December 18, 2004

Celebrity Uncensored and Camera phones.

Most of the news papers are carrying the story of young celebrities of Bollywood. I am not a great fan of Bollywood nor Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur.

It was Bombay's Miday which broke the news with the photos and the rest of the print and electronic media followed. When everything is made public, as usual you would expect a denial from them and next thing to come was a defamation against the publisher. The worst thing for Kareena and Shahid was yet to unfold, someone even captured the enitre steamy embrace live on a mobile camera and it is on circulation all over the place. I have seen that and i was surprised how could someone deny when there is so much proof. But for those of you who don't know why is there so much of denial going on read this article and you will understand. If u still did not get what i am trying to say, Kareena is the youngest member of the legendary Kapoor dynasty, Bollywood’s answer to the Douglases or Fondas.

I guess it's common in Hollywood where celebrities are photographed and caught on tape everywhere they go by Paparazzies, you also get to watch "Celebrity Uncensored" here in India on AXN. One thing i hate about these celebs in our country is that they are treated as if they are the cut above the rest. Why create so much fuss over a steamy smooch, moreover when everyone knows that they both are having a relationship. Yeah agreed that such embraces are not so common in India and especially with Indians. The culture in the Indian Metros is changing and the Bollywood itself is making bold movies on so many taboo subjects, then why crib over a smooch?

But i agree on only one thing that mofone with camera is causing lot of ripples across the world. Here are some of the latest news on camera phones making it to the headlines.

Links to stories related to Camera phones, Students suspended for sexually explicit MMS , IIT student gets arrested, ebay's India chief arrested in porno case, US House of Representatives has proposed a bill over misuse of camera phone, Camera phone clicks may carry jail time.I guess India too and the rest of the world will follow up with their own bills.

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Vivek Kondur said...

Hey everyone this is strictly for all the Software Pros in the city who regularly come across mail with subject line "Careful". Here is the mail i got which cautions you.

In the consequence of arrest of a CEO (, all of a sudden Indian IT law (especially prono) has come up from no where...! This is w.r.t FICCI president & other IT related significant personalities who are persuasively opposing CEO's arrest.

Yesterday Agra Police have arrested 40 Engineering students, who were set eyes on a 'guyya' in college campus. Among them 16 students are girls. (This shows Indian girl is improving alongside male... J)

2 more cases from Delhi which divulges cancellation of license to cyber café as some one did use prono emails.

Yesterday they have made a pronouncement to keep an eye on the flowing emails which contains.'care', 'lil care' ,,,blah blah

If they catch hold of any one and if his/her email contains prono photos or video clip, subsequently he is entitled for the fine of 1.5 lacks Rupees and a jail term of 3 months to 7 years..!!!!

Keeping this in mind I would request you guys to stop sending 'Hushaaru' emails to the group and elsewhere. This is because most of us are working in IT firm and we do have public IPs, which could be scanned & traced without much difficulty.

Again......I do remember a quote from Benjamin Franklin :- "You may delay, but time will not" thus 'Kaalaina Thasmai Namaha'..... Time is answerable for everything..!! And we know that the warmth will simmer down, on the contrary it might take some epoch.

Hope you will twig the circumstances and comport yourself fittingly.