Monday, December 27, 2004

Memorable Day

26th December 2004 would be one of my "Memorable" days in this year because lot many things happened today.

First and the fore-most thing was the wedding of my close friend. I am very happy for him, as he is settling in life at a very early age than most of us. It was also an occasion for many of us to catch up with each other. It was almost over a year now that all of us had met. All of them are in diverse jobs and obviosuly work at different times. I guess most of them made it. Hey Matthew and Ranjith we definitely missed u guys here, hope u guys are doing fine.

I brought a Philips DVD Music system D750 yesterday evening. The Bass output is too good with its WOOX technology. I still haven't explored all the features, i am enjoying the way it
plays everything!

Finally i was about to end the day by watching my favorite teams in EPL(English Premier League) playing their Boxing day matches. Yes i am talking about Arsenal and Chelsea, both of them won their repsective matches. Chelsea won by a solitary goal by Duff and Arsenal won by 2 goals scored by Henry and Pires.

Then i swapped to NDTV 24X7 news channel and wanted to know about the catastrope called Tsunami. I did hear about that somewhere in mid-afternoon, but i thought it was just another quake. But now i saw images which really shook me, there was so much devastation all over South Asia and South East Asia. As i started swapping news channels i was even more shocked to see Andaman and Nicobar islands in particular and Srilanka affected so severly. Some parts of Tamil Nadu is also worse hit. CNN weather report states that this is one of the strongest quakes in the past 40 years. Initial reports suggested that in India's main land alone we have around 4000 people dead and in Car Nicobar islands there are fears of more than 10000 people missing. The worst part for Car Nicobar islands is that they are not totally wired to the world and it's isolated. I just hope that not many people are affected there. I hope peace returns everywhere and there are no after-shocks.

I pray for those who have lost their lives and for there families.

Life is so strange, on a day like this i get to experience both happiness and sadness. This is reality and that is how life goes on, aint't it?


Neets said...

Cant help agreeing. Its really painful to think of all those people who have lost their home or their loved ones or both-all in a few minutes. Wonder... you stand there ... unaware & the next thing you know - you are looking at a 8-10 meters tall wave crashing on you. where do you run? or do you run at all? where to hide? are there options? do you think at that moment at all? Its like a page out of a scary story- one about a mythological sea monster, that rises from the bed of the ocean to raise hell & swallow people.
Though the waves do travel real fast , it takes them hours to hit the land (from the point of origin). Hope this will prompt the geologists ,scientists or who-ever to build a warning system in this part of our world just like the one in the Pacific.

Vivek Kondur said...

I guess it will take time for goelogist, scientist or any one who is planning to come with a device which can predict.

But i still don't understand how our Indian Navy which has a strong Naval presence in the Bay of Bengal didn't observe such huge wave formations. You don't need any device for that. Agreed they didn't witness but once it hit Andaman and Nicobar islands why didn't the Air-force or the Navy inform about such a thing has happened and cautioned the mainland. Atleast then we could have saved some lives.

I have had this discussion with my friend earlier in the day too, as he says it's no point with If's and But's. We can't revert what has happened.

small squirrel said...

Well the truly asd thing is that apparently the USGS and NOAA both tried to warn India that something really bad was up, and apparently there was no one at their stations to receive the news. And also, I have heard that India does have the technology to properly predict this kind of thing...unfortunatley all the equipment is focused on the east coast of the country.

There are a lot of debates right now going on in the nedia here in the US about this... whether we tried hard enough to warn, etc... all you can do now is hope that each country realizes that it has to do it's part and become proactive in planning for crises.

Glad you had a good time at the wedding, Vivek! :) something to smile about, at least!

Vivek Kondur said...

We have said no to any aid. I guess our government feels we can handle it on our own and even i feel the same about that. We can handle and should be able to handle such a calamity on our own. There are enough funds being generated and we only need to distribute them well and deliver it to the people who are in need.