Sunday, October 31, 2004

World of Blogging

Well its been over 4 months now that i have been blogging and i have had my fair share of it. I have enjoyed and also happen to have lots of friends through blogging. I hope many will agree with this one, that blogging was the next big thing that happened to many. Blogging has many good things, its free and easy, there are no rules for blogging, u have all the freedom in the world to air your thought about any god damn thing on earth. You can also start communities under a blogspace.

I never knew that so many people in Bangalore and in India who regularly blog. To be frank i have come across blogs which have been designed very well and some people are really good at writing. I wonder sometimes that out there, we have got so many potentially writers in India who never follow their dreams. But i am happy that many of them atleast have their namespace of there own on this world wide web and are making use of this new concept.

For all my friends and people who are new to the world of blogging and have been hitting my blog here a quick one on defintion of Blog and all its terminology.

Blog: A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. You also call it web blog.
Blogging: The activity of updating a blog is "blogging".
Blogger: Someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger."

Now if u are thinking of starting to blog then all u got to do is hit this url Blogger or there are some more sites which can seacrh for but i feel this is easy.

There are lot many utility tools you would like to had to your blog like site counter which ticks for every visitor who hits your blog, a tracer, chat board, and stuff like that then here are few links for that.

WebPortal for blogs
Blog Track
Indian Bloggers @Blogstreet

But there is something that has happened to me and i guess it has happened to some of my fellow bloggers too. Sometimes i just hit a random blog and then it so happens that i end
up reading so many blogs for the next 3 hrs and never realise that so much of time has been passed by. Sometimes it can get u addicted, that's the only word of caution i have for people who are planning to hit a blog.

Happy Blogging!!!

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small squirrel said...

oh, the joy and pain of blogging!
I will say it has been interesting to say the least. Like you I have met many interesting people, and I am glad about that. Of course I have also hit a few bumps, too. Who knew one little webpage could open up a whole world... for better or worse...