Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Operation Cocoon

The Operation Cocoon ended the lives of Verrapan and his men which spanned over 30 years in the deep forests of Karnataka and TamilNadu. May be the Operation Cocoon was well planned by the STF(Special Task Force) of both the states and well executed.

But as i see they could have captured him alive. To decieve Verrapan lot of planning has been done, there is no denial on that. But the way other international intelligence agenices have handled major hostages situtaions like those that occured in Russia, where the Russian military used gas as an agent to neutralise the terrorists, our STF too could have done something similar and captured Veerappan and his men alive. Here in this case it wasn't even an hostage crisis as veerappan was being trapped so it would have been lot easier. A week has gone by and no one is still aware who gave the orders to STF to go for the kill.

As former cop Sangliana echoed his thoughts,"Many skeletons have been locked in the cupboard, after the killing of Verrapan". Even i wanted him to captured alive beacuse i wanted to know how many of the politicians were involved with him. I say that because he has killed nearly 2000 elephants, cut down sandalwood trees which have run into crores of Rupees.I am not exaggerating the stats, u check them for yourself here.

Well what happened to all the money and how did he smuggle the tusks and the sandal wood outside and to whom did he sell? All these questions could have been answered only by Veerappan himself if he was caught alive. Well i am happy with the out come of Operation Cocoon. But, it would have been better if he was caught alive for all the atrocities he has committed all these years.

Anyways the terror has ended for good, but the mystery remains unsolved.

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