Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rest In Peace B11............

Guys me, rags and couple of my friends had been to B11 our usual Hangout today. Well we missed you there, but let me tell u that it was good that u never made it to that place. Hey puttu & Max, the place we thought played the best ROCK music or rather played music which we always loved, no longer plays the kind of music we like. The place now only plays slow Rock or those which we have never heard before. Basically they are playing Purple Haze kind of muzic.

When myself and Rags asked the DJ (this time there was this new guy who was playing the music by the name Jerry, never heard of him before) to play some kind of Rock, he says we are trying something different, and we are warming for the night. Then we finally met Eshwar but he too sings the same tune. By the way Puttu, i told him about you, that u miss partying in Bangalore and that we have created a group called B11Gang and he was cool guys!.

Then he(Eshwar) started acting crazy while he was playing muzic, B'coz some guyz started whistling and he said he is not gonna play music if it repeats again. He says we are not supposed to whistle in a place which plays Rock music, whay rot is he giving the people. For the first time i have heard a DJ trying to act like a principle or deam of a school trying to bring discipline among the rockers. What a joke :D:D:D LOL?

We have always travelled to the other part of the city only for the kind of music B11 played, Guess its time we go back to STYX which plays our kind of music.

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