Wednesday, October 06, 2004

People have finally awakened

Well the headlines of Times of India,Bangalore Editon read like this "Bannerghatta Road drives IIM-B students to streets". This is what i have been telling my friends over the weekend, that people one day will get sick of govenrments who come and go and do nothing for the welfare of the people and they will go for streets. This is exactly what happened on Monday 4th Oct 2004, people who stay or use the Bannerghatta road have run out of patience in using the roads and decided that they have had enough of it and protested by blocking the road.

This road houses some of the large IT companies who have their Indian operations, also the famous IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) and a National park. Well this is just the start, we will get to see a lot of such kind of protests from the people who live in different pasrts of city. I guess the next protest would be in Kormangala were the roads are at its worst.

This time i am writing the thougts of many people whom i have come across daily. Every one is unhappy about roads and the infrastructre in general which is avialable in this city. Yesterday one of my close friend and colleague from PUNE who always boast about his city got another chance to crib about Bangalore, that he had to wait for 45 minutes for the particular bus and it took another 35 minutes for his journey. Well i am tired of this useless defending of my city, while those people who are in power aren't doing anything about it.

Well if the government is listening to people, it would be better for them to act or else they will finally meet peoples wrath.

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