Saturday, May 19, 2012

~ Getting things done ~

Over the past 2 months I have kind of moulded myself into work mode. 9+ hours of work and no distraction. The partial reason to that would be there was too much on my plate which hardly gave me any scope for getting distracted. Another reason could also be, given the fact of living in different timezone (CST); most of the active social activity spike (FB, Twitter) would have passed by without much attention.

Prior to 2 months, the likely distractions were from the - Twitter, Verge, TechCrunch - for every 30 mins. Now even though 'm back in the IST zone, the distraction levels haven't got the better of me so far :)

The reason still could be due to the fact there are lots of interesting things to be done @ work and can hardly spare time for the enigmatic sites. However, I do use Path frequently than before, which isn't disruptive :P

For those who are planning to reform their habits and getting things done, here is an interesting illustration on how to increase your focus for GTD from Yumi Sakugawa.

Illustration copyrights held by Yumi Sakugawa & Wonderhowto. She has some great illustrations, do visit her website for more.

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