Sunday, May 13, 2012

~ EPL 2012 ~

For the 14 years of watching EPL, I have never seen the frantic last day of business in the league. There is lot at stake for the two Manchester clubs. Manchester United would like to retain the title; where as Manchester City would like to be crowned as the New Champions of English football.

Elsewhere the battle to finish on sweet 3rd place just got bigger between Arsenal, Tottenham & Newcastle. All the three clubs need a win to stay in the next season's Champions League. To end the season with 3rd place is more crucial, as Chelsea controls the destiny of the 4th spot for Champions League as of today.

If Chelsea win the Champions League against Bayer Munich next week at Munich. Then they automatically qualify for the next season, despite finishing outside the top 4 positions in the EPL.

Common Gunners give it a good fight and let's end the season with a 3rd place finish.

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