Friday, May 11, 2012

~ Attachment Parenting ~

I happened to stumble upon a tweet which took me to this article. Initially I thought this must be an hoax, so I googled on Time magazine and finally found out that the real cover for Time's May 21 Cover is hard to be ignored.

It was odd to understand what exactly the title & the photograph tried to portray - "Are you Mom enough?" Read the article and came across this concept called 'Attachment Parenting'.

My two cents, on the so called 'Attachment Parenting' -

  • Breast feeding is a natural form of food intake for infants by a mother
  • There is a time where this natural process evolves to a different form of food intake
  • This change is brought about by parents especially a mother who is the first teacher to many things in life
  • Mother of-course has a lot of attachments to their kids however old we grow. That doesn't mean you create this attachment and raise like this

I don't believe in the artificial attachment create by a mother towards their kids. Sorry, I haven't read the book 'The Baby Book' by Dr Bill Sears who has been the author of 'Attachment Parenting'. If anyone of you have read about this, do let me know the benefits of raising your kids this way.

Would like to know what are your thoughts on this subject?  

Update: A natural age of weaning 

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