Tuesday, August 05, 2008

~ iPhone in Airtel stores by 20th August ~

Just back from the Airtel outlet located on SanjayNagar, paying my bill for the last month. I happened to inquire about the iPhone, when is it actually hitting the stores. The lady said it will debut on 20th of August.

My next question was bout the service options, she mentioned I could use it with my existing connection. I'm sure there will be some restrictions @ the hardware level, which would restrict you from changing your network providers.

Price, tentative range is 13,000-15,000 INR. I am guessing this would be for the 4GB model.

Update 6 Aug: Finally its official, that iPhone will be available through Airtel in India by 22nd Aug. More here. But, there aren't any significant announcements on Airtel's iPhone website.

Update 21 Aug: Disappointed with insane pricing of iPhone. 31,000/- INR for a 8GB model & 36,000/- for a 16GB model. Why would you pay so much, when none of the current mobile operators in the country still don't have a 3G infrastructure ready.

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