Friday, August 29, 2008

~ G1 Vs iPhone? ~

Its good to have healthy competition, which will eventually benefit the customer. If you aren't a gadget freak & don't know what G1 is, then G1 is the first Google powered phone to debut on the market sometime in Sep/Oct through T-mobile in the US.

Have been following it for quite few weeks and here are the G1 features. Does have an impressive features list, which could compete with iPhone. And there is a first peak into the G1 design.

I also happened to stumble upon the phase I winners of Android Developer Challenge, which are decent set of apps. Innovative ideas for mobile user.

I liked the following,

I'm not sure when we would get to see G1 in India. Just hope that they would be affordable in India, unlike the pricey iPhone.

And do you think G1 can compete against iPhone?

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