Monday, December 03, 2007

~ Whatz in a Name? ~

Rory Sinclair : just found a guy in TopUp TV HP live
Rory Sinclair : Mr Paul Sourbutts
Rory Sinclair : :-)
Rory Sinclair : great name
Vivek Kondur : LOL
Vivek Kondur : great surname
Vivek Kondur : he wld have had a good time while studying
Rory Sinclair : lol

For the question 'What's in a name?' on BBC lead me to an article which states 'Link to your Past'. I wonder what kind of a history this guy would have had, to arrive at that surname ;)

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Passing Through said...

lol... if sourbutts is his dad's name, WHAT were his grandparents thinking! it's like they had this kid, looked at him with great love and said, 'i shall name thee.. Sourbutts'.

like this person i heard of who named his son... Jungle. go figure.

hehe.. i suppose there's something funny in every name if u really go to think about it...!