Monday, December 03, 2007

~ The !nvisible guy turns an year older ~

Can't really believe that an year has passed by since my last birthday, there are so many moments which still remain fresh in my mind.

The decision to leave my family, friends & bean-town (Bangalore/Bengaluru); to quit the job I enjoyed most; so to take up a job in the UK, was a little sacrifice & at the same time an investment which has reaped me value of a lifetime. There has been an evolution in various shades of myself, when compared to this day last year. It has been a fabulous year which has enriched me many ways, that would definitely make the difference how I deal & handle the rest of my life.

Following are some of the significant principles that I have adopted over this one year:

  1. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
  2. Being contented.
  3. Orthogonality with respect to people & emotions.
  4. Drop the Stuff.
  5. Living in the moment.

The toughest one of the above happens to be the last one. Until you adopt the third & fourth principles correctly it is tough to reach the fifth. It takes a lot of effort & practice to get there, but never impossible for the human mind.

'Past is history, Future is unborn and enjoy the Present'

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