Monday, January 22, 2007

Iron Maiden all set to ROCK India this year

Naveen was talking about the Campus Rock Idols 2007 & mentioned that the Iron Maiden is coming down to India this year. I couldn't believe it, so checked the Official Home of Iron Maiden for the tour 2007 dates, couldn't find dates for India tour anywhere.

09/03/2007 Dubai Desert Rock Festival
11/03/2007 GREECE - Athens, Faliro Pavilion Indoor Arena
14/03/2007 SERBIA - Belgrade, Fair Indoor Arena

After googling, it turns out that the Gods of Rock are indeed set to Rock India (Bangalore may be the venue, as per the information available on the web).

So, lets hope Iron Maiden performs in Bangalore!!!

1) In other MAIDEN-related news, reports that Bruce Dickinson and company will play at least one show (Bangalore) in India later this year. A "battle of the bands" has been launched to give one local act an opportunity to open the concert, which is being organized by Venkat Vardhan of DNA Networks [via]
2) Roger Waters performing in Mumbai on 18thFeb07 [via]

Updates II [5th Feb' 07]
Iron Maiden @ Palace Grounds, Bangalore on 17th Mar 07 [via]

via Gigpad --> MaidenNorway --> DNAIndia.


naveen said...

i myself wanted to google out the info, good u saved my energy, but now, pls try to find out "when" they are going "reincarnate" in Indies.

Cant wait for them.

Vikram H said...

hey thats some awesome news that you've given!!