Monday, January 08, 2007

'Ash might be too dominating for the Bachchans'

I DON'T CARE if 'Ash might be too dominating for the Bachchans' or not. What I fail to understand is the fact that how could this make it to headlines on Rediff?

All those familiar with Indian Media, would agree with the fact that most of them just survive by running such stories. Media alone can't be blamed for this, guess we as citizens of this country are equally responsible for this. I was surpised by the number of responses this article has recieved, running into more than 19 pages.

We have so many ppl in this country with so much of time to debate over such things. I wonder if our Prez dream of 'transforming India into a developed nation by 2020' will be realized by then.


naveen said...

Indian Media/news channels sucks big time....I hate it more day by day....unfortunately i am not supposed to use certain "words" to describe it here.

Anyway its better to watch foreign media like CNN/BBC which are completly neglect such news.


vincent & radhika said...

oh very right you are. i always wondered why the indian media carried such news, when infact they should shape our thoughts and opinions in public and social matters.

A friend of mine carried Times of India, a thick Sundya issue, all the way from India It was rather embarassing when my friends poured over to only see movie stars and fashion, rather than good and informative and concrete information about the country and its developments...!!

Vivek Kondur said...

Naveen,Dude I have literally stopped watching news channels for the past year or so, these days they don't have any content which can be called NEWS. Most of these news channel seem to be carrying BREAKING NEWS through-out the day.

Vivek Kondur said...

Radhika, Hmmm...I feel Indian media was much more sensible while I was studying in school, they used to carry more content related current affairs & news as compared to present.

Page 3 culture was introduced in major metros by TOI to fuel their sales. I have been subscribing to TOI for well over a decade, have just stuck to them because they have wider perspective towards subjects. I completely agree with what you had to say with thier Sunday edition. The only stuff I enjoy on Sunday's edition is the EDIT page.

What actually made me write this post was when I read India Today First Edition of 2007 which was dedicated to Bollywood. Visit these links

naveen said...

Breaking News:
Naveen suspends TOI subscription.

Finally i threw the shitty paper out and i hv subscribed to "Kannadaprabha". Am sure i will hv some withdrawl symptoms. ;-)