Monday, February 05, 2007

Reality check

Yesterday, my cable guy while collecting the monthly rental had dropped a complimentary desktop calendar. Today, I happened to have a closer look at it, to notice a sunset pic & the message in the foreground, which goes like....

"We need 0.84 Kgs of Oxygen [O2] and atleast 1.9 lts of Water [H2O] a day. An average human needs 18144 Kgs of O2 & 39278 lts of H2O in a life time.

What are we giving back to earth? Save Trees! Tree Saves!"

I googled to find out whether the above stats of Avg. human needs of O2 & H2O were true; they [check against Human Needs] indeed turn out to be true. The groundwater levels in the urban areas happens to be falling every year & during summer, people face acute shortage. Hope we effectively utilize the natural resources especially potable water which is becoming scarce in India & go for rain-water harvesting.

Earlier in the day, Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal gave the verdict on the never ending Cavery Water Dispute.

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Malathesh said...


My comment is on Cavery water dispute!

Unfortunately we have one big river penetrating so many southern states in India. All the farmers need water for their crops. Couldn't we have shared water on the basis of harvesting seasons. Even though the same crop will be grown at the same season by both the states but on the basis of volume of crop grown, can't we regulate the water? I mean, there must not be a fixed quota to use the river water.
But one must be very careful to make any racist comments on region wise. Otherwise tomorrow, Non-Indian may point their finger on us.