Sunday, July 23, 2006

Update of myself!

The first 3 weeks of this month was very hectic, with a challenging task of completing a Use-Case for one of the leading market analysis & research firm. Everything came along fine and use-case was successfully executed on 14th.

I knew the following week would be another stressful one to pass through; that's because my 3rd Semester MBA xams was scheduled from 20-23. I am grateful to my managers, who gave me a week off for the same. Efforts/Preparations for this semester's xams wasn't anywhere close to the previous two semesters; eventually started preparing for it from 16th till 19th. Finally, today had my last paper & it went well; Now when I lookup on all the 4 papers, seems like I have done pretty good, lets wait for the results to be announced in the coming months to know the reality;). One thing I observed this time around was that my concentration levels had dropped very much, they never lasted more than 40 mins. In case any of you have observed yours, could you let me know how good is your concentration?

Due to my xams I happen to miss out on couple of things, first one being the movie marathon @ the blogger couple Jessica-Kishore's residence on Saturday & followed by dinner @ my college mate's place.

Now that I am done with my xams, I hope to spend some good time socializing:)


small squirrel said...

and we look forward to you coming out of seclusion! we missed you on sat!!!

Vivek Kondur said...

I don't wanna miss out on authentic *Pasta* this weekend;)