Thursday, July 06, 2006

Insane world

I am all geared up for watching the France Vs Portugal, the 2nd Semi-final of FIFA world cup 2006, which is gonna kick-off in another 15 minutes . But, I am sure that I will be alive after watching the watch, irrespective of who is gonna win this game; even though I am supporting France. I guess you are trying hard to make sense of what I have written in the previous two sentences, thinking howz football and life correlated???

Then let me point you to this headlines on Yahoo. I am very horrified after reading that piece of news, and many Qs started sprouting in my mind - how can someone be killed for watching football? I really don't know whatz happening to people, what on Earth are these people gonna achieve by killing innocent people for watching sports? Every passing day the world is turning out to be an 'Insane' place to live, all in the name of religion.

Whatz your reaction after reading that, I would like to know your thots on the same.

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