Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Long live INDIA

  • POPULATION: 7 million (less than half of Mumbai)
  • SIZE: Less than that of Kerala
  • ACT OF VIOLENCE AGAINST IT: 2 soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah, 1 by Hamas
  • RETALIATORY ACTION: War on Lebanon

  • POPULATION: 1 billion+
  • SIZE: 6th largest in the world
  • ACT OF VIOLENCE AGAINST IT: 200+ dead in Mumbai blast, 8 in Kashmir
  • RETALIATORY ACTION: A speech by Prime Minister
Source: Through Email.


Neets said...

:D cant beat the comparision.
I have been thinking since the news of the war has been splattered all over the media.. that WHAT THE HECK is big brother - the righteous one doing?... as long it is something they are completely ok with - they will shut up and help one of the sides fight. should we have to go and bomb pak/bangla?! where will this end... but it seems like a panacea when you are in a rage! who's side would they take if we had to go on war? WAR IS NO SOLUTION

Sach said...

Boom!! Thats some Comparison. Well frankly this nation keeps getting f%@ked up the ass by terrorism purely because it doesn't f#@kin react when it should. Every time some terrorist activity occurs. those guys on the top wanna sit and discuss. The truth is to take some hard lined action against some thing you need to have some b@lls for it. And none of those guys have any. You need to have some pride and dignity in a patriotic sense. They don't have that either. And as a result our dear Nation Gets R@p#d again and again by terrorist acts. Lets Face the Facts. You can never have the perfect solution for this problem. And you Can't make an omlette without breaking some eggs. You do the Math...

Vivek Kondur said...

@Neets: I completely agree with u WAR is NO Solution for everything problem you have wit your neghibhour......but some countries feel they have the right to attack others, when even a small incident hits them.

If every country tries to go for WAR and resolve the issues....then I am afraid in the coming 20 years there wouldn't be any civilized nation on the face of this planet.

Vivek Kondur said...

@Sach: Dude on a lighter note....one of my colleagues @ office made an observation out of the above stats....Israel can't afford to loose lives b'coz the population is very less ....on the other hand we(should be read as our Politicians) don't value much for about our lives b'coz we have a billion plus ppl in our country.

Guess we Indians always like to learn our lessons the hard way & dealing with terrorism is one of the hard lessons.

manuscrypts said...

Manmohan Singh's favorite song is 'Words' :)

Vivek Kondur said...

@manu: :D