Saturday, June 24, 2006

Y I love football

Its very uncommon to find a football fan in a cricket crazy nation, luckily I have friends who are very passionate about football. Here is Y I love Football:
  • Beautiful game - all u need is a rectangular grassland, 22 men and a football.
  • Team sport - truly a team sport, the onus doesn't lie on any individual's performance.
  • Simple - you don't need to know much rules to follow the game.
  • Short - all the action happens ends by 90 mins, provided the match doesn't extend to extra time of 30 mins.
  • Outcome - you are never sure of the outcome of any game, untill the last minute has been played. Ghana's performance in this edition of Fifa 2006 is the very proof of outcomes.
'Captured this football shaped water-tank above a home while I was travelling to Andhra Pradesh two weeks ago. Looks like the owner of this home is a football fanatic as well;)'

I have been supporting 'England, Germany, Argentina' teams in the order mentioned for Fifa 2006. Lets hope England plays upto to their ability & not just depend on Wayne Rooney's performance.

The knockout stage begin today, starting off with two matches:
  1. Germany Vs Sweden [20:30hrs India Std Time]. My bet - Germany winning by 2-1.
  2. Argentina Vs Mexico [00:30hrs India Std Time]. My bet - Agrentina winning by 2-0.
I am a sports fanatic & if you wanna know which sports I follow closely, check this post 'Sports Unlimited'.

Let me know if u r passionate about football & following this World Cup, we could catch up over weekends to watch the action @ some place in the city.

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