Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogging: Right | Wrong ?

Off late i have come across articles on how 'Blogs can help boost a career or sink it'and also heard incidemts on 'How blogging has played a role @ their workplace' from few fellow bloggers. My opinion on Blogging - It's all about letting the world know about your thoughts/opinions on any *subject*. Since it is available freely & published on open medium, I feel the blogger should take responsibility for all the content posted on their blogs. What i am unable to understand is why many individuals/companies are making an issue out of Blogging.

Here are few of the articles which i am talking about Blogs can help boost a career or sink it | Blogs Get People Excited | Blogging guidelines issued to dissidents.

Only today did i come to know that there exists an Organization called "Civiblog" which is an international initiative aimed at broadening the discourse of global issues. Civiblog is a world leader in giving a voice to all those involved and interested in global civil society issues. Civiblog also has a Committe named 'Committee to Protect Bloggers'. Another Organization called "Reporters sans frontières" translated to English it means "Reporters Without Borders" who are devoted to press freedom.

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