Friday, September 02, 2005

Aftermath Hurricane Katrina

May be Hurricane Katrina hasn't taken much lives, but the devastation is vast. The New York Times has posted an interactive feature 'Hurricane Katrina The Storm's Impact', you could see the impact, devastation, looting, resuce/floods, which the hurricane has left.

Source: The New York Times.


Pallavi said...

and according to today's newspaper .. India who is a Disaster Mangement Expert is offering help to them... Irony ??

100hands said...

Are you related to Sunita Kondur?

Vivek Kondur said...

@ Pallavi: I did see that on news channels too, that India is offering some aid and expertise to US of A. But i am not sure if it is on Disaster Mangement:).

BTW if u have noticed one thing, US handled the incident of 11'Sep very well. Also, they were the first to come out and announce *AID* for many Asian nations which were affected by Tsunami.

If u have followed the Katrina Aftermath you would notice that even after 3 days of the Hurricane, there was no much sign of rescue or relief coming from the federal government. Moreover, u cld see many African Americans in many pictures on the NYT article. I am not sure whether Racism still exists in US, but i feel there is some kind of bias from the government in carrying out the relief & resuce efforts.

@Premjit: Thanks for dropping by, i am not quite sure if i am realted to Sunita Kondur.

StaticCompost said...

The US seams to be getting a lot of criticism for not properly responding to the hurricane. What many need to realize is the city of New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen, when it was built in the 1700's they built it on terrain that was below sea level. The levees were later built to protect the city from rising water. The hurricane came and past only damaging on levee, which later led to the collapse of another. A day or so after the hurricane New Orleans wasn't in that bad of a condition, it was the collapse of the levee(s) that led to what you see now. I have been to New Orleans on two occasions and have seen first-hand the poverty there. I want to see the people that were living in poverty rise up and start their lives over, often times in the US people get stuck in poverty. This is a chance for all those to people to start new lives, to re-invent themselves. That is what I want to see come out of this.

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey SC!

Thanks for the geographical info about the city of New Orleans. I am sure that poverty isn't that much when compared to many other nations in the world. I hope the government does something for them as soon as possible.

StaticCompost said...

Believe it or not Vivek, poverty is a gigantic problem in the US. More than half of the country's citizens live below middle class. Living in the US isn't as great as it is said to be. Many Americans live without health insurance working dead-end jobs at minimum wage, $5-$6 an hour. I live in New York and yes part(s) of New York are very poor, many of these part(s) only minutes away from towns that are upper class. Some parts of New York are also very dangerous. But when I went to New Orleans I was shocked by the poverty there. There are so many people living in these horrible conditions. Drugs were sold and consumed openly in the streets, in clear defiance of the law. There were needles and small bags on the ground. Im not saying New York doesn't have problems like these but nothing like New Orleans. I know there are other places in the world much more impoverished than any American city, but after visiting New Orleans I have to say parts of the city are very poor.