Thursday, July 14, 2005

Russell Peters

Russell Peters is our Desi Stand Up Comedian. I really enjoyed watching this show, i hope you would have a good time too. So if u wanna watch, then all u got to do is go for click download and follow the instructions on the site


This file would remain there for another 6 days from today.



Aru said...

Hey Buddy congrats on your year of blogging.... I told you this guy was funny...Now stop blogging one liners and get some more paras in...or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad...

Vivek Kondur said...

Sure dude, a something really lenghty is coming next week, so be prepared:)
How are things going on for u?

compassioNAT said...

hey viv,

You've been out of action for some time now. How are things going?

I saw your comments on Static Compost's blog..totally agree with you.

Have a great weekend!