Monday, July 11, 2005

Impossible ???


StaticCompost said...

Interesting advertising concept, although I don't like how many companies are trying to convince people by wearing their shoes, carrying their bag and drinking their sports drink will make you an incredible athlete, thats not what its about. Its a lifestyle obsession, wearing you Nike clothes and sneakers to the gym because that what the pro's do. The pro's get paid thousands of dollars just to appear in public wearing their brand, the everyday person isn't getting paid to wear clothes, their paying to wear them, And getting ripped off at that. with sweatshop labor the mark-up on some retail clothes is 400%.

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey dude!

Well it doesn't matter whether u wear branded stuff or not. What matters the most is that we need to be comfortable with what we wear.

I posted this one because of the description of word impossible.

StaticCompost said...

ugh..sry I tend to go on tangents, well more of rants about my views.