Tuesday, July 05, 2005

1st brithday of my Blog :)

It has been exactly one year since i started blogging and i am happy about it. Blogging as a technology has helped me express my thoughts on various subjects at my own will and i also take every bit of responsibility for all the existing posts.

I would like use this occasion to thank my friend Rugs who brought the term 'blogging' one fine day while we were talking casually and that set the clock ticking in me. Next day i discovered what 'blogging' is all about and it set me going on and on. During this one year i happened to meet meet/interact with people (few of them personally) from diverse backgrounds who are
spread across the world.

I would also like to say thanks for Adenjunky, Aru, Nita, Jessica, Ranjith, Sridhar, Vasanth, Radhika, Anitha, Anthro, Vivek M, Lavanya, Sudarshan, Kishore, Jordon, Natalie, Mandie, Deepak, Cocaine Jesus, Eden and all those anonymous visitors who have left their comments during this period. All those comments has made a lot of difference to me directly/indirectly in making me a better individual. So keep your comments coming, you never know how it would matter to the other;).

Keep Blogging!!!


compassioNAT said...

Yea..Cheers to blogging.

Happy Birthday Blog!

Vivek Kondur said...

Thanks Nat!

StaticCompost said...

Happy Blog Birthday, isn't it great, we all live thousands of miles away, on different continents yet we have become "friends" in our own ways. We have interacted, agreed and disagreed with eachother. We have sculpted eachothers minds in our own ways. We all have gained so much from our blogging expierence(s). We are our own circuit of minds, all of us gifted in our ways, interacting with eachother. We meet new people and from those people more people and so on. We have created places on the internet where everyone's voice counts, where we and our fellow bloggers share our intellect. Keep blogging, thanks for the shout out!

Vivek Kondur said...

Thanks! SC. Dude u'r comment "...We are our own circuit of minds, all of us gifted in our ways, interacting with eachother...." reminds me the concept in Matrix;).

I have met a lot of interesting ppl, where we interact on diverse topics.