Friday, May 27, 2005

Are you a Firefox user?

If you are not a Firefox user then i guess u are loosing many features which are not available on IE or any other browser. So i feel it's the right time to make the transition to Firefox.

Wanna download Firefox version 1.0.4 now ? Then, click here.

To know more features which comes with Friefox check out here.


compassioNAT said...

when i read your title..i though you were making a joke about FRIEDFOX...hehe..guess not. I'm pretty lame huh?

anyway, i'm on firefox already...thanks for the tip. hope you had a great weekend :)

Vivek Kondur said...

:) I never realised that i made a mistake in my title, thanks for pointing it out.

I had a great weekend, i hope u did too.

StaticCompost said...

Firefox all the way! I love firefox, it is the best browser I have ever used better then IE and netscape. It seams like more and more peopl are using it, not to mention more and more websites prefer their users/visitors have it.

Aru said...

Hey Vivek,

Firefox rocks bigtime..have been using it for a while..has a few bugs...but not as huge as thats good.

You lucky %^%&&*^ go to more rock shows and njoi...will have my revenge. Plan to go to Ozzfest so lets see wat happens...BTW Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Rob Zombie are gonna be there so hope i go there dude....

Me not much of a soccer fan but did read abt the Liverpool victory...I thght u were rooting for Arsenal???? Wat happened to them ??

Neways cya laters

compassioNAT said...

hey, i noticed you corrected your title! now i really sound like a lame-o. hehe..

have a great weekend.

Vivek Kondur said...

@SC: Cool! I guess we need to spread the word on firefox;)

@Aru: Surely rocks dude! I never cam across any bugs till now.

Well now u have the Gods of Rock performing there and i am Jealous of that.

I always root for Arsenal when they are playing. But was supporting Reds in the Champions League Final:)

@Nat: Yeah i did change it:). Have a great weekend too!