Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Finally helmets are made compulsary in Bangalore

Early this week the HighCourt passed a ruling asking the Government of Karnataka to implement the rule of wearing helmets compulsary for all the two-wheelers. This time the rule is more stringent & better as it asks for both the rider and pillion rider to wear the helmet. Over the past decade this rule has been changed several times, sometimes made compulsary and sometimes revoked due to political pressure. This time though i hope it can't be revoked by the government as it is a ruling from the High Court and not the Government's decision. There is lot of debate happening around the city on this rule, where pillion riders are looking for an exemption from this rule.

Personally, i feel every 2 wheeler rider and also the pillion rider should wear a helmet for his/her own safety and should value for their lives. I don't know have the exact stats on how many deaths that happen on the roads of Bangalore are related to 2 wheelers, but based on the reports i have come across on a daily basis in Times Of India the stats are high compared to other cities of India.

As i was lucky enough to be unhurt when i met with an accident in February, as i was wearing an Helemt. So i am all for this rule, as it would save many lives on the roads of Bangalore.


compassioNAT said...

i'm all for road safety..helmets for bike/pillion riders is a MUST!
I have heard of friends who met with riding accidents and were saved from who could have been serious head injuries because they wore helmets.

Infact,I don't understand why the Indian govt has not enforced this law earlier... how many lives must have been wasted!

Well, i guess better late than never.

Keep on riding...safely

Vivek Kondur said...

As said before the rules in India keep changing now and then. The rule already exists in different parts of the country, Bangalore is just joining them now:).