Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another friend through blogging

I just stumbled upon her blog through the link on Aru's blog. I just happened to meet her online today and here is an extract of our conversation where we discovered the meaning of Hulai,

vevck: whats the meaning of Hulai?
mandie: what Hulai?
mandie: it doesnt really have one
vevck: come on it shld have something
mandie: just something i heard and liked
mandie: not really
vevck: will try and find out
mandie: i dont think it has a meaning
vevck: hold on
mandie: i just kinda made it up i mean off of something my friend said
vevck: I guess i have somerthing for u.

To know the meaning about Hulai and what Mandie felt after going through the description of Hulai check out Mandie's blog.


Hulai said...

AWWW Later I will link you on mine! Of coarse it will be pretty late though! I play with this thing mainly late at night!

compassioNAT said...

funny Viv,

i asked mandie the same thing..i had thought she was a Hawaiian with an Asian name (right hulai?)..anyway HuLai..i know a guy with a similar name: Fulai..

Vivek Kondur said...

Fulai? What does that mean?

compassioNAT said...

dont know what it means...but if i translate it loosely, it can mean 'fortune come' funny is that? but don't quote me on know how it is, things get lost in translation.


perspective said...

i couldn't figure it out... maybe i am a little slow or quite dumb!

Vivek Kondur said...

@Nat: That's cool! if fortune is always at your door step.

@Lav: Well we are talking about different names of race found in the world. Hulai! Fulai! and many more:).

compassioNAT said...


i think we're beginning to sound like crackpots ;)


Vivek Kondur said...

:D LOL i guess so!