Tuesday, June 04, 2013

~ Viral marketing comes at a price ~

I know companies spend loads of money on advertising & marketing their product. Advertisements are one of *the* mainstream ways to promote. However, these days videos are created more for Viral Factor on the Social Networks.

Today morning, I came across the video on FB wall. No doubt the video is well edited by Pro Cycle to showcase their product. 

Not sure why they had to put an off-road bike {not bicycle, I mean Motor Bike} in the video. Another aspect which I disliked, was the need/necessity to show the location info at the start. 

People in the city already lack in conserving nature - parks, lakes, trees, wildlife - in and around Bangalore. While the city is ever-expanding & many prominent builders are exploiting open spaces with new Villa / Townships offering; add to it, people are always on look out for adventure & exploring new avenues to kill their time. I wonder what impact it would have on Thurahalli forest if people took their Motor Bikes to explore the eco-space.
ProCycle is bicycle store with a “difference” that is committed to promoting bicycling in a “Correct” manner. You will experience our commitment and feel this difference the moment you walk into our store at Indiranagar
Thats the introduction about ProCycle on their website. While they state their committed to promote bicycling in a *Correct* manner. I hope they live up to every word. 

I googled & guess what I found, not to be surprised, exploitation of Turahalli   has already begun with illegal temple :(

“Turahalli is the last remaining wilderness space so close to South Bangalore. Everyone in the adventure community, be it climbers, walkers, birdwatchers or cyclists, have a responsibility to keep the forests as they are, and leave minimum impact. The same responsibility does not seem to hold good with temple constructions and the like,” adds Venkatesh, alias Venky. More here
Therefore, viral marketing comes at a price. The price could be monetary at times; And in this case ecology, which could be irreversible

Yes, they already got my attention & a post. I hope people of the city enjoy & conserve what is left in and around Bangalore.

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