Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ In the end, GTD is what matters ~

Phil Schiller, during the keynote, might have said that “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass”. But we all know some of the features showcased in the keynote of iOS7 is already available on Android or other mobile platforms. The feature lists offered by the operating systems - Android, iOS, Windows - overlap and with each iteration they are getting blurred across the product. Only thing we are witnessing is the new found love for *flat* UX from every major software company - Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Pintrest.

We have to come to terms, that like any other product the smartphones or their OS, have reached a saturation point. I feel with iOS7, Apple might not have invented anything new, but refined the UX with Ivey touch. In design lingo, people have been using the term *Transluency* for describing the new interface.

I wouldn't go into comparison of the feature set with Android or Windows, as we already have many sites or blogs which have spun out that info in the last 8 hours {Check the additional reading section}. Nor I am qualified enough to comment on the design aesthetics of iOS7. Om has a good collection of tweets & thoughts from the design community, with both sides of the coin covered - iOS 7: Love it? Hate it? Either way, designers are talking about it.

The soldiers from the Android army state that the iOS7 features are strikingly similar to that of current Android version. While the Windows Users state that iOS7 has taken a leaf out of Windows UX. In the end, a product or a service is just a means of GTD easily. We might like different products or services based on our allegiance to a design or company or brand or experience. For me the following criteria play a role in choosing a product / service - Cost, Features, Ease of use / Simplicity, Design - software & hardware, How often they iterate their software / hardware, Quality Support. Fanatics can take a break & watch the competition deliver better products or service for Consumers :)

Loved the latest campaign by Apple.

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