Tuesday, April 02, 2013

~ Unholy Nexus ~

Unholy nexus of sports, politicians & drug dealers. It would be a open and shut case if someone is caught with drugs, irrespective of the quantity.

Instead in India, if you belong to the high & mighty and well connected then the case could get dragged over weeks without even a charge or arrest. The Punjab police are still trying there level best to obtain hair & blood sample of the Vijender Sign, who won middleweight bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, who has been alleged for consuming heroin with Ram Sign his sparring partner.

So me & a colleague computed the street price of Heroin according to the media reports which pegs 26Kg at 130 Cr. Here is a breakdown of the Heroin prices

25kgs = 125 Cr
1000g = 4Cr
100g  = 40 lakhs
10g = 4 lakhs
1g = 40000
*All prices are in INR.

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