Saturday, April 20, 2013

~ Sugar man ~

In the afternoon I saw this movie titled 'Searching for Sugarman' & I was blown by it. A beautiful movie about an Artist who was not only forgotten by everyone but he chose to move with his life. Until two people Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman & Craig Bartholomew Strydom decided to find out more about Rodriguez.

The movie seems like a fairytale than anything else. We all have so much to learn from Rodriguez. I don't think any Artist in the current era who stature is compared to being Elvis of South Africa, can lead such an humble lifestyle.

If you love music then watch this movie. No other movie on a band or musician comes close to this one. After watching this one, if you feel there is something better than this then do let me know.

I wanted to dedicate my 400th post of this blog to Arsenal, the EPL club. But life, as always, throws surprises at you & you are left wondering what to do with it. That's how Sugar Man replaced the Gunner dedication post.


Not only did he skip the Oscar ceremony – he was asleep when he won. Searching for Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul begged Rodriguez to attend the Oscars, but he refused, feeling it would take the attention away from the filmmakers. "We also just came back from South Africa and I was tired," Rodriguez says. "I was asleep when it won, but my daughter Sandra called to tell me. I don't have TV service anyway." away most of it. 
Rodriguez has lived in the same modest Detroit house for over 40 years. He has no car, computer or even a television. His daughter Regan forced him to get a cellphone a few years ago because she grew weary of driving around the neighborhood trying to track him down. "He lives a very Spartan life," says Regan. "I almost want to call it Amish. He once told me there's three basic needs – food, clothing and shelter. Once you get down to that level, everything else is icing." 
 He plans on giving much of his money to his three daughters and some old friends. "That's his philosophy," says Regan. "He takes great pleasure in giving it away, especially to people that supported him when he wasn't a big commercial success. I do really wish he'd spend some of the money on himself, though."
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