Monday, February 11, 2013

~ iWatch you ~

The rumor is that Apple is gonna bring another consumer product. This time around they have plans of making your watch smarter. Am sure you guessed it right with the name they have iWatch.

Am sure the device would be a reality very soon from the coverage it is getting from various media houses, NYT & WSJ being more prominent.

The idea of a smart watch would be a childhood dream come true for many. Personally, I think this device is an overkill in a market where we already have too many smart devices - Phones, Music Players, TVs, Tablets, Notebooks, etc. I wouldn't have the need to buy it as I already have a Smartphone. 

What do you think about the following 
  1. Aren't there too many smart devices already out there
  2. Would you buy one
  3. Is there a need for one
Here is the coverage on the device - GigaOM | NYT | WSJ | DataMotion | Mike Elgan has covered much more here

Concept illustration courtesy of ADR Studio


NaVoX said...

I definitly feel its an overkill, i will avoid it, unless it has some breakthrough tech which changes everyones life. In that case i will wait for iwatch 4s ;)

vevck said...

Would like to see the marketing strategy of Apple. The form factor isn't that appealing for anyone to run apps on a 2.5 cm device.

Also, don't think you would be interested in watching your watch every 5 mins ;)