Saturday, February 16, 2013

~ IIPM strikes back ~

IIPM like the founder, Mr Chaudhuri, needs lime-light to stay in the business. Never come across any educational institution in India which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for about 8 years & counting.

IIPM was the hot topic back in 2005 from the blogosphere for the way they operate and take the students for a spin. If you google you will find a lot of them talking about it & few students have even taken them to courts. Back in 2005 we never had the mainstream media cover the topic. Things have changed over the last couple of years. The Caravan & Career 360 have been reporting about the same and are entangled in a legal battle with IIPM at various states of India.

Here is an extract from Live Mint article

The Caravan editor Anant Nath said, “Our biggest concern is that DoT has taken this action by itself. We haven’t been informed about this notice. In the conventional course, we expect it to inform the said media houses. So, at the first instance, we will take this matter up with DoT itself, and if further needed, we will take legal action also.” 

Maheshwar Peri, publisher of Careers360 magazine, said, “It is outrageous. We will reply to the notice and may explore a contempt case.”

IIPM have got the gag order from the court to block 78 URLs which speaks truth (oops! negatively) about their institution. Looks the think tank @ IIPM don't seem to get it right. Unlike 2005, people have exploded from Blogosphere to Social Media {read twitter, facebook, g+, etc}. In the age of technology you cannot restrict access to information from people. 

As Gaurav puts it "Remember, truth never hurts those who are right."


1. Mr Chaudhuri has responded officially on the defamatory links being blocked or removed here.
2. Shehla Rashid has a good post DoT blocked URLs- Analysis and History
3. Vivek Kaul has a good take Arindam Chaudhuri is the Subrata Roy of the MBA business

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Image Source: FakingNews

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