Sunday, October 14, 2007

~ Darfur: Sad But True ~

I had heard about Darfur conflict before, but didn't proceed any further in knowing what was the conflict actually about. Until last month, when one of my friend, Radhika, sent across this link. After visiting that, it shook me & think about the insane world we live in.

Even though it shocked me, didn't blog it then. I have practically given up following world affairs these days, because the main stream media is totally controlled by the governments for spreading their own hidden propaganda. Moreover, I don't know if writing posts / talking among friends, regarding it would make any difference to the situation in Darfur. But, I happened to stumble upon this video tonight which made me think once again about whether I can make a difference. I believe I could by creating awareness to the current state of affairs in Darfur, at the least, to those who visit my blog.

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