Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Naya saal Shaayari

"Naye saal ke ubharte hue suraj
Tumhain apni kirnon ki Qasam
Meri ek baat maan lo
Ke is naye saal main
Dil ki rahon per chalne walon ke
Raaston ko Roshniyon se bhardena"

Source:From a mail forward


naveen said...

nan magane kannadadalli yaavdaadru padya haakodu bittu....hindi haakidaane...thu!! Bhaashe drohi...

Neets said...

OYE, who every you are Mr.Naveen, - Happy new year. :) Now if you can digest that wish only if i convey it in kannada ,here goes.. "Hosa Varshada Shubhashegalu!" :))) hope you have a great year ahead.
To Vivek: Wah!Wah! :)
Hey do you people plan on watching Rang De Basanthi... Cos i do. If you guys have a hol on Bakr-id... Lets go! what you say ,saar?

Vivek Kondur said...

Good Response to Naveen:D
We do have an off on that day, surely wld like to watch the movie. Few Qs
a)when is 'Rang De Basanti' it out?
b)how many r game enough for it, so we cld book the tickets.

compassioNAT said...

Hey Viv,

Hope you enjoyed your christmas and new year! i see you got another day off. Good for you!

Will somebody please translate that bit of poetry? hahaha

Neets said...

:( bad news .. its releasing on the 20th it seems.

Neets said...

hey shaayar, by the way,theres a tiny correction...
Naya saal Shaayari and not shaayar. you are the shaayar, remember? :)

Sudarshan said...

Hey Vevck,

Wish you a wonderful year man! Thanks for the wishes..yeah, I am doing fine..I am just hooked to Flickr..will start blogging again :)

Vivek Kondur said...

@Nat: Hope u enjoyed too. One of the advantages of working in India is, u get many holidays to celebrate festivals from different religions. Will try to translate it:)

@Nita: 20th is a long way from now. Thanks for the tiny correction, BTW i have not the Shaayar of this Shaayari.

@Sudu: Thanks! I wld surely love to see your work on Flickr, can i get the URL for the same?