Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lesson learnt

How many of us have heard this Idiom "Early bird catches the worm", i guess most of us have heard it @ some point of time. My dad has told this a thousand times, but never took it too seriously, yesterday i realized the true meaning of the Idiom.

What did i realize?

"If you start something early, you stand a better chance of success" this can be applied to any situation of your life. So, you better make the right calls @ the right times, because finally its you who has to face the situations presented by life.


StaticCompost said...

I too was told this idiom time and time again as a child and have learned that it holds some truth. I have a new post, hadn't made one in awhile, but rest assured I didn't leave our blogging circuit and am back so please take a look. -Jordan

Neets said...

wah!wah! kya kaha! what happened , Sir? how come you remember this?