Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Power of Blogging

How are blogs becoming powerful? How are they effecting the day to day activites in our lives? This is the typical example of that, what was just a post by Gaurav on IIPM, took a different direction altogther & became a bigger subject. There after lot of events took place between Gaurav, IIPM, & IBM.

I am not going to repeat myself on the whole IIPM stuff, I feel the Ponytail & his institute have got enough publicity from many of them. Many of us were not even aware of the article on IIPM which appeared in June 2005 of JAMMag. If not for the blogs of Rashmi, Gaurav, Varna, Amit Verma, Desi Pundit, Neha Viswanathan & many others from the Indian Blogosphere I nor the rest of the world would have known the lesser facts about IIPM.

Well I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what this all about, so let me give u a list of posts that makes good read & have covered a lot of stuff from the beginning.

From the Bloggers

Rashmi's Blog | Gaurav's Blog | Update from Gaurav | Desi Pundit – Lies Damned Lies |

After reading all this, what i don't understand is why hasn't majority of India media reported it. One thing is for sure "Truth may lie silent, but it never dies". It also reminds me of what Gaurav has written at the end of this post,"Remember, truth never hurts those who are right."

Thanks to blogging, things aren't that way any more.

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Cocaine Jesus said...

The thing that concerns me is how long before our voices are silenced?
How long before censorship is imposed?
Bloging is a wonderful tool for reading the thoughts and frustrations of ordinary people but the one thing that the powers that be like to control is our thoughts. Either via the mass media in terms of TV or newspapers. How long before that 'control' extends to blogging?

Vivek Kondur said...

CJ,I very much agree with your concerns. I feel this powerful tool called 'Blogging' one day will have some kind of regulations.

According to 'The Blog Herald' their are around 100 million blogs around as of October 2005. So, I fear a day will come when companies would hire professional bloggers to run their stories, since more and more ppl today are getting on with blogging.