Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today i came across 2 advertisements, one is very creative and the other is very political. Few weeks ago, i was watching a programme on NDTV, where they were debating over a controversial pepper spray commerical. Basically, the Ad was a print campaign & featured in a national daily, which said: "Tomorrow if your daughter is raped, who is to be blamed? The rapist or you?". To know what happened to that advertisement, click here.

Do u feel advertisements should be regulated?


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small squirrel said...

that ad was offensive on so many different levels it is hard to know where to start. suffice it to say that I am glad it was pulled. for god's sake... what are some people thinking? rape is only the fault of one person... the rapist. it is never the girl's fault for dressing to provocatively, sending the wrong signals, or forgetting to carry pepper spray. and should parents teach that if you do not carry pepper spray that you will be raped? let's create hysteria! good god... people are too stupid to live sometimes... I am infuriated.