Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whose city is it, anyway?

I keep having interesting debates about Bangalore every now and then with many friends. As most of you know i have always lived in this city since the day i was born and still continue to live in this city.With the transition of time, there has been lot of transformations at various parts of the city which has changed the image of Bangalore. The change as we know is the only thing that is constant in life, True-Bangaloreans have adopted to every major change. Bangalore City lacks in many things and most of us aware of it, in way we are all responsible for the present state of the city and also to a certain extent the 'Great Men' who rule our land.

I hit Sudus blog this morning and i found an interesting post which echos something simliar thoughts which i have towards my city.

One from my archives on Bangalore City.


Pallavi said...

Yeah I saw that post ... The old world is disappearing as as fast as a blink of an eye :(

Vivek Kondur said...

Yes that's the sad part, Bangalore Central replaced one of the old building, another building is coming up next to Cavery Emporium on M.G Rd.

Similarly there are many other structures which have been or will be replaced by the modern designs.