Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ News traders ~

Gone are the days where journalists used to report news AS IS. These days they trade news based on who pays them ( the media owners to be precise). I know it is broad acquisition against all, but that's how I view them these days. The numbers of journalists who actually report news is quite few compared to the number of media companies that have grown in the past decade across India.

Thanks to Social Media & other alternate news site which provide a different perspective to abused, TRP seeking, continual *BREAKING NEWS* on every mainstream news channel, be it regional or national.

Public Service Broadcasting trust and Prasar Bharti Corporation have come together to produce a documentary on #PaidNews in Indian media. 
Note: This documentary is nearly 3 years old, but very relevant even today.

After watching it, you realise that many cases have not been taken to it's logical end by the Media. Watch what the Sports Journalists has to say about the media's role on IPL

it's happening life feel clock in the morning and still going on
the media which had been going gaga over the IP 0 for three years
sadly did a somersault a day after the times likes to serve the Baltimore these
for scams on the news all yesterday the Enforcement Directorate is doing
to drag him back to India and face the charges said
it's like upto order readers or your viewers
I like a herd you you them in one direction could one day
and southerly when they actually you're getting exposed
who were exposed also in this the people who had not call their viewers
I'm sure they've really don't hesitate to ask was reading newspapers are those
really P weekend as
the foot three years you told us a different story know all of a sudden you
picking a somersault and saying everything is on the border
this man are about to %uh this poor River you for these two years

Following are some of them which I regularly follow:
News Laundry
Media Crooks
Media Nama
The News Minute

Which alternative sites do you visit on a daily basis for your news? Do share them. 

Source: News Laundry

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