Sunday, April 13, 2014

~ Fastfood & Obesity ~

Just another sunny Sunday afternoon lazing at home & changing channels came across this documentary "The men who made us fat" that was being shown on BCC World.

It's a 3 part documentary on how the fast-food giants have made an impact on public health & how young people are consuming more than required food with access to cheap food. The fast-food doesn't really bring in much nutrition rather adds a lot of fat to your body.

US & UK have both experienced obesity due to fast-food chains. It's time we Indians eat some health food & not indulge much in fast-food. As fast-food chains are mushrooming across various cities & towns of India, it's up to the parents to decide what makes a good diet for kids and their health. Hope the adults have enough sense between their ears to decide what to eat.

~ Episode 1 ~

~ Episode 2 ~

~ Episode 3 ~

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