Monday, December 16, 2013

~ 50 years of Rock Excess ~

The documentary takes you from the birth of Rock in the 60's till the Nu Age metal of the 21st Century. Covers some of the iconic Rockstars who have reached the epitome of life where nothing was impossible to do & get away.

They truly led an excessive life & some paid with their life. The documentary not only covers the transformation of various rock forms, but also offers glimpse into the lifestyles of these rock bands. 

Hard to believe that none of the current Rock bands come close to producing music of the 60's or 70's. As David Wild puts it, "The way Rock music was toned down in the 90's for it to be more acceptable & marketable to the mainstream; It was Good for the World but Bad for Music".

Most of the British Iconic Rock bands were covered in the first episode but not all were covered. Also, the Big Four of thrash metal never got a mention. Don't know if there are future episodes that will cover the evolution of Rock into Sub Genres.

Be warned that the Rocumentary has 

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