Saturday, November 16, 2013

~ Human behaviour on Social Networks ~

Not really sure how would one interpret the behaviour of humans on the web. As most people tend to freely speak out in the virtual world via the popular Social Apps like Facebook / Twitter, many of us seem to have failed to differentiate the definition of "Like" vs "Read".

This rant originates from my observation of people's behaviour on the Social Networks. 
  1. Does a like on Facebook actually mean they liked it or an acknowledgement of having read the piece? 
  2. Or an RT (ReTweet) means they endorse the subject of the tweet vs they wish to pass on the information to their respective followers?

As of writing this post, I observed that 12 people have liked the post of "22 labourers killed in a road accident in Karnataka" from The Hindu.

I have add this debate with earlier too & failed to conclude on the subject. What your are thoughts on the same? 

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